See this sign? Stop and opine

EUGENE, Ore. - The Oregon Travel Experience wants your opinions about Interstate 5 rest areas.

The organization operates 29 of Oregon's public rest areas. It took over 9 of those this month from the Oregon DOT.

At three locations between Eugene and Portland, OTE posted signs inviting visitors to weigh in on cleanliness, safety, security and travel information.

The survey affects three rest stops:

  • French Prairie, I-5 near Wilsonville, north and southboun
  • Santiam River, I-5 near Albany, north and southbound
  • Oak Grove, I-5, near Eugene, north and southbound

"People that said they've stopped there for years, they got to a point about three or four years ago, that they weren't stopping anymore," said Shawn White, the OTE rest stop supervisor.

He pointed out problems at one of the sites.

"Suff like this is going to go. The old, the old equipment that's falling apart and the trip hazards like this, we're going to try to remove those," he said. "We got a lot of moss around. We'll get that off and get all the cob webs off the buildings, just make it look presentable."

White says OTE will be staffing an employee at the busier rest stops 8 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Traveler Michael Biondi likes that idea.

"It's definitely a necessity to have, you know, one of the main places people will be stopping, even if they're just driving through, have it reflect how we live our lives," he said.

But traveler Lionel Lynner said he didn't see the need.

"I think it serves its purpose just fine," he said.