'See me sweat, panic ... maybe cuss. It's gonna be entertaining!'

EUGENE, Ore. -- In the competitive retail market, nutrition store manager Ashley Olson said that the most important part of getting customers in the door is always standing behind what you sell.

"They should leave here educated, happy and excited about whatever their goal is." Olson said.

Olson recently competed for what she thought was a big promotion within the company. She soon discovered that there was a lot more on the line.

The faux promotion was actually the front for A&E's new reality show "Be The Boss", and she was competing for her own store location.

Olson will appear in the first episode of the show, set to air at 7 p.m. Sunday.

While she couldn't reveal the outcome of the episode, she did say that it was exciting.

"If you want to see me sweat, panic, and cry. Maybe cuss. We'll see if that got bleeped out or not, but I am sure it's gonna be entertaining!" Olson said.