Search for Jennifer Huston extends to San Juan Islands

FRIDAY HARBOR, Wash. - The search for a missing Dundee mother has been extended to Washington state's San Juan Islands, after police learned that she had visited there before in the past and that it was one of her favorite spots.

Jennifer Huston has been missing for a week and an extensive search in the area around her hometown has turned up no clues to her whereabouts.

As a result, police have begun widening the search for Huston. Law enforcement officials in all western states have been asked to be on the lookout for Huston and her green SUV.

At the same time, authorities in the San Juan Islands have been told that Huston may have gone there.

San Juan County Sheriff Rom Nou confirmed that he had received a bulletin from detectives in Oregon saying that Huston may be in the San Juans or on her way there.

The bulletin was based on information provided by Huston's family indicating that she had spent time in the islands in the past, although it was not clear how recently she had been there.

Nou told KOMO News there is no active search for Huston, but rather a "heightened awareness" to keep an eye out for her or her vehicle.

"The bulletin that came up from Oregon has been distributed to all the deputies in the islands, and we're aware that there may be a possible connection up here. But absent some specific information ... there's no concentrated search," Nou said. "It's just more of officer awareness at this point that there is a potential connection here and that we should keep our eyes open."

Meanwhile, searchers checked roads around Yamhill County, lookout spots, hiking trails, bodies of water and anywhere else she may have gone to "get away," according to police.

Private donations paid for helicopters that flew over Wilsonville Road and the Willamette River on Wednesday. Yamhill County Sheriff's Office boats were on the river looking for oil sheens that might indicate Huston's SUV was in the water, but none was found.

None of the searches have turned up any clues to Huston's whereabouts.

More air searches of central and West Yamhill County were planned Thursday and Friday.

Huston was last seen July 24 withdrawing a small amount of money from an ATM, fueling her SUV and buying a Gatorade, trail mix and a non-lethal amount of sleeping pills.

Her husband reported her missing Friday.

There is no evidence of foul play, according to an official police statement.

Huston was driving a green 1999 Lexus SUV with Oregon license WXH-011. Police say there is a U-shaped crack in the windshield on the passenger side and a Yakima Ski Rack mounted on the roof.