Scoop on poop: Bag ban puts dog owners in a ruff spot

EUGENE, Ore. - With the Eugene plastic bag ban now a day old, supplies in the bins that hold donated pet waste bags at dog parks are already running low.

The dispensers at Amazon Dog Park were completely empty on Thursday.

"They're kind of like gold around here," joked a dog owner at the park.

A number of other dog owners at the park told KVAL News the dog park community will adjust to a city without as many free plastic bags floating around.

At Candlelight Dog Park in West Eugene, the bins were also empty Thursday afternoon.

But as KVAL News was interviewing dog owners at the park, a man came in and dropped off a bunch of bags into one of the dispensers.

"I've got about a month's worth left," he said.

Dog owners at Candlelight Dog Park told KVAL News the people who pick up after their dog will adjust to fewer free plastic bags - and the people who don't pick up their pet waste will continue to break the law.

The Eugene Parks and Recreation Department posted rules in front of all dog parks that include picking up after your pet.

Parks employees pick up waste collected in city trash cans at the parks, but they do not pick up waste such as dog feces scattered on the grounds.

Dog owners are still required to pick up after their pets even if donated bags are not available in the dispensers.

That can cost you: 90 pet waste bags cost $9.99 at Petsmart in Eugene, but dog owners said if you shop around you can purchase other bags that serve the same purpose for cheaper.