School sticks to policy of no Valentine's Day cards or candy

EUGENE, Ore. - Valentine's Day cards and candy won't be allowed at McCornack Elementary School this year.

That is the school's policy for all holidays, including birthdays.

But for Valentine's Day, twins Natalie and Sophie Elstone tried to rally their peers to sign a petition.

"We got a 101 signatures in the morning," Natalie said, "and we just asked people if they didn't like the idea that valentines day was canceled, and so many people wanted to sign."

School principal Tasha Katsuda said the principles of Valentine's Day should be practice every day.

"Our intentions are very worthy and good," Katsuda said. "We really want to support the inclusion of every one of our students. We have a lot of families at our school with a variety of values, and we make sure our practices are as welcoming and inclusive as possible."

Kerry Delf with the Eugene 4J School District said the district leaves such decisions up to individual schools. She did not have any information about whether other schools had banned Valentine's Day cards and candy.

Some McCornack parents who spoke to KVAL News said they don't see the harm in celebrating Valentine's Day.

"I think that kids need those little celebrations," said Danielle Benson, a McCornack parent. "We don't need to spend a lot of time, money or energy on them, but I think we still need to have those moments of celebration for those kids"

"There's enough things that they can't do any more, they don't need to take that away, too," said Bonnie Haase.

The signatures the twins gathered didn't do the trick this year. They said they were told the decision had already been made not to allow valentines on Valentine's Day.

"Yeah, it's why it's called a treat," Sophie said. "You only get it once a year."

McCornack Holiday Policy Memo

To promote healthy bodies and minds we will only serve healthy foods during instructional time, foods that align with the district policy. We appreciate parent/family support in maintaining a positive climate in the classroom and ask that parents coordinate directly with the homeroom teacher before bringing any food in for the class for any reason. Unhealthy food will be returned to parents and not accepted in the office according to district policy (also in the McCornack Parent/Student Handbook at

To promote an inclusive learning environment and honor differences we ask that you refrain from sending holiday cards and items of any kind for distribution at school. We will continue to create a fun, positive classroom climate in a variety of ways that simultaneously support our focus on learning.