School kids recreate slave auction in Ala. classroom

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- A mother in Alabama says a lesson on slavery at her child's school went too far.

Jamelle Young said part of her five-year-old son's lesson was asking if she would ever go back into slavery. Jamelle told CNN affiliate reporters in Montgomery that she immediately called her son's teacher.

According to Young, the teacher admitted to telling her students to go home and ask their parents that question to start a discussion about slavery.

The teacher also sent students home with a coloring book page depicting of a slave auction similar to the one seen below.

Jamelle's son also said that part of the lesson in the classroom was acting out a slave auction.

"Everybody was black, I guess, that participated but he said he didn't want to get on the table of the auction block," Young said. "How are you supposed to feel when your five year old says he didn't want to get auctioned off nobody wants to get auctioned off."

Young says she isn't upset about the fact that slavery is part of the history lesson, rather that she's upset with how it is being taught to her son's kindergarten class.

School officials say they are making sure history lessons are honest and appropriate in relation to the age and grade level of students.