Saving energy, fighting crime: 'You can't rip it'

EUGENE, Ore. -- A would-be burglar was stopped short at a 76 station in north Eugene early Wednesday morning and the business owner said it was because of a local product designed to help buildings go green.

The gas station on Highway 99 installed a special film on the inside of the glass made by the Eugene-based company Project Green. The company's owner, Scot Young, said the film is designed to insulate windows. It also keeps windows in tact after they are shattered.

That's what kept out the person who tried breaking through four different windows at the 76 station on Wednesday.

"The film is going to hold the glass together, which deters the criminal from having access to your stuff you can't rip it and when you apply it to the window it secures the glass to the frame," said Young.

Tod Schneider, a crime prevention specialist for Eugene Police, said security film acts the same way and is a common defense for businesses.

"It's used very widely for government buildings to keep people from throwing things through the windows, like explosive devices," said Schneider.

Young said the film can also prevent vandalism, as it can be peeled off and replaced.