Save the hot dogs for the BBQ

EUGENE, Ore. - Dogs can't sweat. They pant.

That's breathing hard to you and me.

So extreme heat is difficult enough for your furry friend without being confined inside a pickup or car, which may as well be an oven on a warm summer day.

Bottom line: Even if you plan a short drive for quick errands, don't take your dog with you.

"Especially in your car as you're out running errands," said Sasha Elliott with Greenhill Human Society. "Even with the windows rolled down it can be extremely dangerous."

How dangerous? On Monday morning as the mercury crested 80 F, the temperature inside the car shot up to 100 in about 5 minutes.

Even animals that aren't in a confined space face danger from the heat: Dozens of sheep died in Marion County, and heat is a likely culprit.

Shaylene Jones, a Lane County 4H leader, said keeping sheep well-hydrated is key. Jones said they freeze old milk jugs and use them as ice cubes.

"We rotate them constantly keeping that water cool," she said, "because it draws them and they'll actually lay by the waters that you have."