Save a life: Adopt a dog from a shelter

EUGENE, Ore. - As you walk through the kennel at Greenhill Humane Society, dozens of eager, expectant faces line the way.

Some of them are barking, others are dripping drool.

All of them are looking for what officials call their forever home.

Between Greenhill and 1st Avenue Shelter, more than 50 dogs are currently available for adoption.

Sasha Elliot, the Communications and Events Manager for the shelters, said adopting a shelter dog saves a life.

But it's not just your new furry family member you're helping.

"You're not only saving the life of the dog you're adopting, but you're also opening up resources and space for us to save another homeless dog that is in great need," Elliot said.

Elliot added that while you're saving lives, you're also saving money.

Dogs that come from shelters are usually hundreds of dollars cheaper than canines from a breeder.

Add in the fact that all of the animals from the two shelters are given a microchip ID; they're spayed or neutered; they have all of their shots; and they come with a free examination from a local vet.

Long story short: the new dog parent could be saving a lot of money.

But Elliot argues a dog can give you something money can't buy.

"They provide a lifetime of unconditional love, and thank you a thousand times," she said.

When looking for a new dog, Elliot recommends thinking beyond puppies.

Younger dogs take a lot of time and effort; a charge not everyone can handle.

"Unfortunately, a lot of people are not ready for that responsibility. And so nine months to 12 months into that animal's life, that's often when we see them back here at the shelter. Because that cuteness has worn off, and people realize 'oh my gosh, that's a lot of work!'"

That's why Elliot believes an older dog may be a better fit for some families.

"Oftentimes they already have those manners in place, they already have some basic obedience skills, and they're ready to kind of jump into your life as it is and mold to you."

Between Greenhill and 1st Avenue, there is a shelter open every day of the week.

If you're interested in seeing the animals available for adoption, you can visit their website for more information.