Saturday Market: 'It's really the personality of Eugene - expressed here'

EUGENE, Ore. -- While it was a rainy start to the Saturday Market, they started off their 44th year with a strong turnout.

Kim Still is the promotions manager for the Saturday Market, and said she expected the April showers.

"We're just gonna have a rainy day to start out, and then go sunny the rest of time," Still said.

Since it started in 1970, the Saturday Market has always been filled with Lane County's finest artisans, selling their handmade crafts. Leslie and Alder Davis told KVAL News they couldn't pass up buying a handmade stuffed elephant.

"We love all the hand crafted things that are made by local people," Leslie said.

Still said that the local feel is one of the biggest draws for the hundreds that come out for the market each weekend.

"It's such a community feeling. It's really the personality of Eugene - expressed here," said Still.

Abdul Waheed brought some authentic flavor to Eugene with his Afghani Cuisine cart.

"Here the people are so nice and so friendly, very kind," Waheed said.

The Eugene Saturday Market is set to run until November, from 10 am to 5 pm every Saturday. For more information visit the Saturday Market's website.