Salem police search for man who broke in, left adult DVD in little girl's room

SALEM, Ore. - She doesn't want to be identified, but a Salem mom does want others to know what happened inside her daughter's bedroom early Tuesday morning, after she'd put her 7-year-old to bed inside their home at the Stoneridge Apartments.

"Woke up to my daughter at 1:30 saying 'I just saw a man jump out of my window,'" the mom said.

The window in the bedroom was open and the screen was pushed out.

Salem police believe the man had been hiding in the little girl's bedroom closet.

The next day, the girl went to watch a Disney movie on the DVD player in her room and found a different DVD left in the player.

"It was an adult DVD," the girl's mother said. "And I - every horrible thought passed through my head and I just hysterically started crying."

Salem detectives interviewed her daughter. They believe the man who was in her room never touched her.

"I feel so lucky to find out that her innocence was not robbed," the woman said. "Because I think the whole time, that's what I was scared of. She's a child."

A search of the closet turned up a photo of a woman.

The mother believes the man in the closet may have dropped it - a man she believes is too dangerous to be on the loose.

"This person HAS to be found," the girl's mother said. "I want to know the reasoning behind it. I want to see this person face to face. I want, I, I want it so bad I can taste it."

Salem police investigators told the family they're looking into a similar break-in at a home in south Salem.

The only description the little girl could give police is that the man was wearing a white t-shirt and dark pants.