Roseburg woman stuck for over a day rescued

CURRY COUNTY, Ore. -- A 57-year-old woman from Roseburg was rescued after spending a day and a half stuck in a creek bed.

On Wednesday afternoon, family members of Elizabeth Welter called the Curry County Sheriff's Office reporting that Welter had been missing from the Roseburg area for the past three days. they told the Sheriff's office that they had just located Welter's pickup over an embankment on a mountainous road south of Humbug Mountain.

A Sheriff's deputy responded to the location, along with the Port Orford police and the Port Orford ambulance.

Welter's vehicle was about ten feet over the side of the gravel road, just over two miles east of Highway 101.

A tow service was called to pull Welter's pick-up back to the roadway.

Lt. John Ward arrived and traveled about another mile past Welter's pickup to the end of the road.

From there, Ward walked another quarter mile on an old skid road, where he found an area that looked like someone had slid off a steep embankment into the heavy brush and trees below.

Lt. Ward hiked down into the ravine and located Welter about 300 feet below the road in the creek bed. The Curry County Search and Rescue team were called and responded, as well as members of the Port Orford Fire Department and the Port Orford Ambulance.

Search and Rescue members hiked down to Welter in the dark with rescue gear, where they found Welter wet and cold, and appeared very hypothermic.

Using a rope system and a gas powered chainsaw winch, Welter was brought back to the top and then transported to Curry General.

Welter suffered some minor injuries due to her fall and was suffering from hypothermia.

Welter's medical condition is not known at this time but as of Thursday morning, she was still at Curry General.

It was determined Welter had been stuck in the creek bottom for about 1 1/2 days before being located.

Authorities say she probably would not have survived the night in her condition.