Roseburg principal responds to questions about Marine uniform

ROSEBURG, Ore. - Roseburg High School won't allow the brother of a graduating student with special needs to walk him across the stage.

The brother had intended to wear his Marine uniform while accompanying the graduate.

Roseburg High principal Karen Goirigolzarri said graduation is about the students.

Anyone involved in the ceremony will be wearing a gown with the exception of a guest speaker and photographer.

Goirigolzarri said that for the last 23 years any student with a disability has always been accompanied by the staff members who worked with that particular student.

She also said anyone is welcome to wear military dress to the ceremony, just not down on the field.

The administration is trying to work with the family while following protocols that have been in place for the last 23 years, the principal said.

Attempts to directly contact the family and get their side of the story have been unsuccessful.

Graduation is Sunday, June 8.