Roseburg Marine: 'Keep pride in everything they do'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A Roseburg High School graduate is serving as a marine musician at Camp Pendleton in San Diego.

Stationed at Camp Pendleton, Corporal Ian Moore spent most of his time on the ceremonial side of the Marine Corps playing in the band.

Most recently Corporal Moore traded his dress blue uniform for camouflage and his instrument for a rifle to take part in the security platoon in exercise desert scimitar.

"Now we're in cammies, getting dirty and it's completely different. We're doing security for the base Desert Scimitar with ECP entry check points around the perimeter," said Moore.

Although Moore's primary mission is to support ceremonies, he is prepared for deployment.

"Our secondary mission is to post security if we ever deploy for the camps that would be out there, so we do that by going to Twentynine Palms and training out there," said Corporal Moore.

Corporal Moore is now back from training in the desert and will perform Memorial Day ceremonies at Disneyland.

He says Memorial Day is all about remembering.

"It's just remembering all the ones who came before us and fallen and remembering them and making sure that what they did we keep doing it and keep pride in everything they do and what we do," said Moore.