Roseburg kids replant the Douglas Complex

GLENDALE, Ore. -- In an effort to celebrate the renewal of the burned Douglas Complex, Communites For Healthy Forests invited some Fir Grove fifth graders to learn about the benefits of restoring this area for now and future generations.

The Roseburg students are the first group to come out and begin reforestation, actually planting new trees in the Dads Creek portion of the Douglas Complex.

Organizers say this was a great opportunity to educate students on restoring the forest for the present and future generations. Aaron Aasen from Roseburg Forest Products says the program has been going for a while. "Over the years we've had a good tradition of having a kids plant program," he said. "It started up at Hinkle Creek, and we've been doing that for a number of years.

"We just thought this would be a great idea, to have kids come out and help down here on the Douglas Complex," Aasen said.

After a quick lesson on tree planting the students partnered up and got to work.

Fifth grader Trinity Whitley said she was happy to help. "My favorite part about being up here is knowing that we're going to help the forest be a healthy forest again, and planting all the trees," she said.

Roseburg Forest Products plans to replant seven to eight thousand more acres to replenish what was lost in last summer's fire. "The company puts a big emphasis on land management, and the way to do that is to just get back out here and reinvest into the land," Aasen said.

Th group of fifth graders had a goal of replanting 1,000 trees on the trip.