Room to know? Students propose changes to UO ID card

EUGENE, Ore. - If you're a student, have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to call campus police or make an appointment with a counselor?

Chances are you had to look phone numbers up online, which isn't difficult.

But what if you don't have a smartphone or you needed to call quickly?

Students in the University of Oregon Active Minds group think they have a solution:

Print resource numbers on the backs of student identification cards.

Currently required by UO, student ID cards only contain your picture, birthdate student ID number and a bar code on one side.

The other side is all but blank.

"We think this would be the area where we could put these numbers," said Juan Rivera with UO Active Minds.

Rivera said the group has surveyed about 600 students.

He says the top three phone numbers students would like to see on ID cards are:

1. University of Oregon Police
2. UO Student Health Center
3. UO Counseling Center

Rivera, a junior at UO, said freshman year the university gave him a keychain with some important phone numbers. He said having those numbers on your ID card is more convenient.

"Your ID card goes everywhere you go," he said. "If you find yourself printing, making copies, going to the EUM, gym, any business you need on campus... you need your student ID card."

Rivera says there's a lot of resources on campus that students pay for like Safe Ride and the counseling center after hours hotline.

"We're basically asking the administration to provide those numbers to students."

Rita Radostitz, Director of Strategic Communication and Marketing in the Student Affairs Office at UO, told KVAL News in a statement that the department has been approached by UO Active Minds about putting resource numbers on the back of UO ID cards.

"There are a number of departments and staff across campus who are interested in further discussion about the idea," she said.

Radostitz said Student Affairs will be looking into conducting their own study to discuss the decision-making process.

Rivera said some other universities, like the University of California, Riverside, have resources numbers on their card.

Oregon State University student IDs have the school's address, campus police line and school number in case the ID was lost, stolen or found, but does not include other student service resource numbers.

Portland State and University of Portland staff say student ID cards contain the number for public safety.

Rivera said the group is looking to list five resource numbers.

Radostitz said Student Affairs hopes to have a meeting about this in the next several weeks.