Roll Call: All cargo bikes in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. - You've probably seen them all over Eugene, but on Saturday hundreds of cargo bicyclists joined together for the first ever Cargo Bike Roll Call.

From the loudest bikes that blast beats from speakers, to the coolest cycles carrying ice cream, all cargo bikes of different shape and sizes made the trek from Monroe Park to Hideaway Bakery.

"We don't get together very much, so it's a good time," said Shane MacRhodes, an organizer of the event.

Some cargo cyclists are not going anywhere without blasting their favorite tunes - no matter the size they end up pulling behind them. Dave Villalobos has attached a speaker system to his bicycle.

"They haul up to 400 pounds," said Villalobos. "There's a lot of people moving and shaking on their bicycle as we're going through town."

There was also a cannery on wheels among the cargo bicyclists that sped through town on Saturday.

"We wheel this into your garden or your backyard or your front yard," said Michael McKern, a cargo cyclist.

Some cyclists like Shane MacRhodes of Eugene are hauling precious cargo too.

"I actually had a different bike when we had one child and then we had twins and so I had to upgrade to a bigger cargo bike," MacRhodes said.

For Shane MacRhodes, cargo biking has become a day to day must.

"For families there are economical benefits," MacRhodes said. "But then there's also the health benefits that come with that for our kids to be healthy and active."

Cargo bicyclists also call it a culture that keeps on turning.

"Cargo bikes, they're not the fastest and they're not the lightest, but they have a special place," McKern said.

More than one hundred cargo bicyclists from Eugene came out for Saturday's event.