Rivers on the rise: 'The ramp to the dock hasn't leveled out yet'

MAPLETON, Ore. -- The return of the rain and winter weather has river levels slowly rising in western Oregon, bringing back swift waters and debris flows as well.

The Coquille River at the coast is one-and-a-half feet above flood stage right now, which put Sturdivant Park completely under water. With the water levels still rising, more moderate flooding expected.

Another coastal river, the Siuslaw, saw significant flooding at this time of year. Businesses nearby the banks are taking extra precautions to prepare for a repeat this winter.

Last year Alpha Bit Cafe was flooded with water from the Siuslaw and they had to replace all of their carpeting.

"We have our big equipment on rollers now so we can move it to the front of the store if need be," said Cafe owner, Nick Cable. "But I haven't seen it get high enough to worry me yet."

Cable said that he uses the dock behind the Cafe to gauge how much of a risk the high water poses to his business.

"The ramp down to the dock hasn't leveled out yet ... that's usually a significant indicator that its going to be a problem for us." laughed Cable.

While the weather hitting the coast haven't pushed river levels over the banks, the heavy rains did cause a rock slide that pushed a boulder into Highway 101 Tuesday morning.

The National Weather Service expects to see up to 4 more inches of rain fall in parts of western Oregon between Tuesday and Wednesday.