Riverbank Trails make nation's Top 10 Urban Bike Paths

EUGENE, Ore. -- Eugene's Riverfront Trail System was ranked as one of the top urban bike path systems in the nation by USA Today.

The Ruth Bascom Riverfront Trail System, which covers a combined 12 miles along the Willamette, was named the 10th Best Urban Bike Path in the Nation.

From the fresh air, river views or cross-town coverage, many cyclists agreed with USA Today's decision to place their hometown bike trails in the top ten.

"They're really excellent. I like biking here," said Kate Wheeler, a Springfield resident. "I was living in Atlanta before here, and that's a horrible place to bike. This is much safer, it's nice to see so many people use them."

Eugene cyclist Jeff Cina agreed, saying the paths help connect riders all around town.

"I really appreciate our bike paths," he said. "I commute by bike to work at the university, and it's great."

"The scenery is nice, to ride along the river, and it connects all around the city, so it's really convenient for people that don't drive cars," said Springfield's Andy Jones.

At the top of the USA Today list was Minneapolis' Midtown Greenway. Portland ranked fourth with the Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade & Springwater Trail Corridor.