River eats away ground beneath Oregon highway

EDDYVILLE, Ore. - The waters of the Yaquina River have scoured away the embankment below Highway 20, making the roadway too weak for traffic, the Oregon DOT said Wednesday.

The highway between Corvallis and Newport will be restricted to one lane 4 miles west of Eddyville until further notice.

No asphalt has been lost yet but the road foundation has been eroded and is too weak to handle traffic in the eastbound lane, ODOT said.

The highway will remain restricted to a single lane for several days while ODOT hires a contractor to repair erosion to the highway embankment. Traffic will not be allowed to use the lane until a repair is made.

ODOT will expedite a bid process and a contractor could begin construction in the next day or two.

The location is on a curve in the highway and motorists should slow down when approaching the area.

Flaggers will control traffic until repairs can be made. Electronic message boards and other signs will alert motorists to the lane restriction.