Rhododendron Fest: 'There's just a little bit for everybody'

FLORENCE, Ore. -- The annual Rhododendron Festival goes far beyond the flowers, featuring a carnival, parades, concerts and feasts.

Now it it's 107th year, the festival is second only to Portland's Rose Festival in longest-running Oregon floral fest. Needless to say this year's Rhododendron Festival theme of Not Our First Rhody-O is quite fitting.

"It all started with celebrating the rhododendron flower," said Cal Applebee of the Florence Chamber of Commerce, "back in the old days, instead of doing a parade down the highway, they would do a parade of boats down the Siuslaw River."

Nowadays the festival sees almost all sorts of transportation. From bikes and dune buggys to motorcycles and helicopter rides. Full Rhododendron Festival Schedule

"You're going to be able to relax and just have a good time, there's just a little bit for everybody," said Applebee.