Retail expert on Winco: 'Walmart's worst nightmare'

EUGENE, Ore. - Carlos Burgos shops at Winco once a week, like he's done for 12 years.

"The prices are just great - the best in town," he said. "We can get more with less money."

That's what makes Winco "Walmart's worst nightmare," according to Burt Flickinger III.

"Winco is really unstoppable at this point," an Idaho newspaper quoted the retail expert. "They're Walmart's worst nightmares.'

Hal Brixey commutes just to shop at Winco, passing a number of grocery stores on his way.

"Because of the prices, and that it's employee owned also," he explained.

Michael Read, the Winco vice president for public affairs, shared one of the secrets to their lower prices.

"Most of our competitors probably spend millions on advertising, while we spend very little and mostly rely on world of mouth," he said.

Another penny pinching technique: shoppers can't use credit cards. Winco is cash or debit only.

While the chain is growing, with 88 stores Winco is still a small company in a very competitive field.

Walmart has almost 4,500 stores in the U.S. alone.

"They are the biggest company in the world," Read said.

So should Walmart watch out? The company didn't respond to a request for comment Friday.