Restaurants near Hayward Field see big crowds during Prefontaine Classic

EUGENE, Ore. -- June is a busy month at the Hayward Field track, starting with the Prefontaine Classic. The increased traffic around the neighborhood has made it busy for restaurants around the area as well.

"I've even noticed it being busier than last. We started getting busy Wednesday of this week and last night was crazy in here," said Melissa Leach, manager of McMenamin's on 19th and Agate.

Leach says the Prefontaine Classic is a good way to prepare for the crowds they may see at the Olympic Track Trials at the end of June.

"That helps us gear up to know how much staff we need for day and night. I'm getting ready to do some hiring for trials," said Leach.

"This year, 19th will be open instead of closed like it was four years ago so itll be a little easier for some traffic to get to our parking lot," said Leach.

She's adding staff and a few fun features tht may attract more people people including a big screen projector and surround sound for those without a ticket into the stadium.

The big barn doors open which allows the sound from Hayward Field so the sound can come in from Hayward field, especially for the trials," said Leach.

Others are gearing up for the big crowds too, including Agate Alley Bistro on 19th.

"Past few days has been busy, busy, busy. Last night probably one of the busiest i've seen in a long time," said assistant manager Kevin Kok.

Kok says they're prepared and excited, especially if days like today become regular.

"Right at 9 o'clock we opened for breakfast and it filled up - both the bar area and the dining area," he said.