Response to December 6 snow costs local governments over $300K

EUGENE, Ore. - A giant heap of sand stands in North Eugene, a recovered dune gathered from the streets where it provided traction for a week after the December 6 snowstorm.

"For now we're just getting it up, stockpiling it, and we're going to take a look at what we can do to reuse or recycle this," said Eric Jone with the City of Eugene.

Cleaning up the sand is adding to the City's costs from the snow event. Eugene spent $125,000 plowing and sanding, blowing through the annual budget for snow removal.

"We are getting on into later December, so we have our fingers crossed that we're not going to have another major event," Jones said.

Lane County Public Works has also added up the expense.

"Right now it's about $154,000 total cost for the response to the event," said Howard Schussler with Lane County, "and that includes about 20,000 gallons of de-icer, about 1,500 tons of sand."

In Springfield, total cost for the snow emergency so far is $44,000, not counting future repairs to streets and maintenance hole covers from ice damage.

Jones with the City of Eugene said that while crews are still busy picking up the sand from the streets from the ice episode, they're trying to catch up on another job that's fallen a bit behind: leaf removal.

"We certainly lost a full week during the storm," he said. "As you might imagine that's a pretty ugly mess out there, too: the leaf debris."