Report of robbery in progress sends police to student film project

EUGENE, Ore. - Police and sheriff's deputies responded to a report of a robbery in progress Friday that turned out to be a student film project.

Just after 10 a.m., police got a report of two men with masks going into the Dari Mart on Hunsaker and River roads.

When athorities arrived, they realized it was all part of a University of Oregon student film project.

Sgt. Carrie Carver with the Lane County Sheriff's Office said that even though this report turned out to be a false alarm, it's good that the public reported what was happening.

"What we find a lot of times is that someone will drive past something and assume somebody else has called 911," Carver said. "We encourage people to be sort of community observers and to let us know what's going on."

There was a large sign out front warning store patrons and neighbors about the film project, which Carver said might not have been visable to drivers.