Repeated test drives raise suspicions about 'deputy'

SALEM, Ore. - A man who test drove a black Chevrolet Tahoe three days in a row claimed he was a deputy sheriff - and pulled over a motorcyclist for speeding, the real deputy sheriffs said.

The man - later identified as Anthony McGuire, 40, of Salem - went to the same car lot 3 days in a row, the sheriff's office said.

Each time, he identified himself as a deputy and asked to test drive the same black Tahoe.

On the third day, suspicious car lot employees tagged along.

When McGuire started yelling at a motorcyclist to pull over for speeding, everyone involved got supsicious - and called the real deputies, the sheriff's office said.

The sheriff said McGuire admitted to impersonating a deputy. The sheriff said that if you believe you were pulled over by McGuire, you should call the Sheriff's Office at (503) 588-5032.