Register by Oct. 16 to vote on these races and issues Nov. 6

      EUGENE, Ore. - Are you registered to vote?

      Here are some of the top federal, state and local races on the Nov. 6, 2012, ballot.

      Act now: The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday, Oct. 16.


      President and Vice President of the United States

      • Barack Obama and Joe Biden (Democrat)
      • Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala (Pacific Green)
      • Ross C. (Rocky) Anderson and Luis J Rodriguez (Progressive)
      • Gary Johnson and James P Gray (Libertarian)
      • Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan (Republican)
      • Will Christensen and Kenneth L. Gibbs (Constitution)

      Representative in Congress

      1st District

      • Bob Ekstrom Constitution
      • Delinda Morgan Republican
      • Suzanne Bonamici Democrat, Working Families
      • Steven Reynolds Progressive, Libertarian, Pacific Green

      2nd District

      • Joyce B Segers Democrat, Working Families
      • Greg Walden, Republican
      • Joe Tabor, Libertarian

      3rd District

      • Earl Blumenauer Democrat
      • Woodrow Broadnax Pacific Green, Progressive
      • Michael Cline Libertarian
      • Ronald Green Republican

      4th District

      • Peter DeFazio Democrat, Progressive, Working Families
      • Chuck Huntting, Libertarian
      • Art Robinson Republican, Constitution

      5th District

      • Kurt Schrader Democrat
      • Fred Thompson Republican
      • Raymond Baldwin Constitution
      • Christina Jean Lugo Pacific Green


      Ballot Measures

      Measure 77 Amends Constitution: Governor may declare "catastrophic disaster" (defined); requires legislative session; authorizes suspending specified constitutional spending restrictions

      Measure 78 Amends Constitution: Changes constitutional language describing governmental system of separation of powers; makes grammatical and spelling changes

      Measure 79 Amends Constitution: Prohibits real estate transfer taxes, fees, other assessments, except those operative on December 31, 2009

      Measure 80 Allows personal marijuana, hemp cultivation/use without license; commission to regulate commercial marijuana cultivation/sale

      Measure 81 Prohibits commercial non-tribal fishing with gillnets in Oregon "inland waters," allows use of seine nets

      Measure 82 Amends Constitution: Authorizes Establishment of Privately Owned Casinos; Mandates Percentage Of Revenues Payable To Dedicated State Fund

      Measure 83 Authorizes Privately Owned Wood Village Casino; Mandates Percentage Of Revenues Payable To Dedicated State Fund

      Measure 84 Phases out existing inheritance taxes on large estates, and all taxes on intra-family property transfers

      Measure 85 Amends Constitution: Allocates Corporate Income/Excise Tax "Kicker" Refund To Additionally Fund K-12 Public Education

      Secretary of state

      • Seth Woolley Pacific Green
      • Robert Wolfe Progressive
      • Bruce Alexander Knight Libertarian
      • Kate Brown Democrat, Working Families
      • Knute Buehler Republican, Independent


      • Ted Wheeler Democrat, Working Families
      • Cameron Whitten Progressive
      • John F Mahler Libertarian
      • Michael Paul Marsh Constitution
      • Tom Cox Republican

      Attorney General

      • Chris Henry Progressive
      • James L Buchal Republican
      • James E Leuenberger Constitution, Libertarian
      • Ellen Rosenblum Democrat

      State Senator

      1st District

      • Jeff Kruse Republican
      • Eldon Rollins Democrat

      5th District

      • Scott Roberts Republican
      • Arnie Roblan Democrat, Independent, Working Families

      9th District

      • Steve Frank Democrat, Working Families
      • Fred Girod Republican

      State House

      7th District

      • Bruce Hanna Republican
      • Fergus Mclean Democrat

      8th District

      • Paul R. Holvey Democrat, Working Families
      • Aaron Baker Republican, INdependent
      • Lucian Blansett Constitution

      9th District

      • Caddy McKeown Democrat, Independent
      • Nancy Brouhard Republican
      • Guy Rosinbaum Libertarian

      10th District

      • David Gomberg Democrat, Independent, Working Families
      • Jerome Grant Republican

      11th District

      • Phil Barnhart Democrat, Working Families
      • Kelly Lovelace Republican

      12th District

      • Joe Pishioneri Republican
      • John Lively Democrat, Working Families

      13th District

      • Nancy Nathanson Democrat, Working Families
      • Mark Callahan Republican, Libertarian, Constitution

      14th District

      • Val Hoyle Democrat, Working Families
      • Sharon A Mahler Libertarian
      • Dwight Coon Republican

      15th District

      • Andy Olson Republican, Independent
      • Ron Green Democrat

      16th District

      • Andrew Decker Republican
      • Racherl J. Feigner Libertarian
      • Sara A Gelser Democrat

      17th District

      • Sherrie Sprenger Republican
      • Richard Harisay Democrat, Working Families

      23rd District

      • Ross Swartzendruber Democrat
      • Alex Polikoff Pacific Green, Working Families
      • Jim Thomspon Republican

      Local Measures

      20-195 City of Springfield Five-Year Levy for Springfield Jail Operations and Police Services

      20-196 Emerald People's Utility District
      Annexes Territories to Emerald
      People's Utility District

      20-197 City of Eugene Bonds to Fix Streets, Fund Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects

      20-198 City of Eugene Advisory Question on Corporate/Union Constitutional Rights and Campaign Spending

      20-199 Willamalane Park & Recreation District Bonds to improve parks, trails; protect water, natural areas, wildlife

      20-200 Lane County Housekeeping Amendments to Lane County Charter

      20-201 Lane County Repeal of Section 8 of Lane County Charter

      20-202 Lane County Repeal Sections 31-32 and Amend Section 11 of Lane County Charter

      20-203 Upper McKenzie RFPD Five year local option tax for EMS operating funds

      20-204 Fern Ridge Library District Library District Five-Year Local Option Levy for General Operations

      20-205 South Lane County Fire & Rescue District Five-Year Local Option Tax for Staffing and General Operations

      20-206 City of Oakridge Measure Amending Oakridge Charter to Create Council Member Term Limits

      20-207 City of Oakridge Measure Amending Charter to Remove Prohibition on Influence of Administrator

      20-208 City of Oakridge Measure Amending Oakridge Charter to Require Bond for City Recorder

      20-209 Bethel School District #52
      Bonds to repair, update, replace facilities; maintains existing tax rate

      Act now: The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday, Oct. 16.