Reedsport 'Do Gooder' challenges community to do better

REEDSPORT, Ore. - Jerry Clark is known as the "Do Gooder" around town.

The retired veteran rides around on his trike and picks up litter while wearing a "Do Good" vest.

Clark said it gives him something to do while spreading a "do better" message to folks in the community.

"It's a beautiful place, and what little I do just helps a little bit," Clark said. "Then the other people, majority of the people, pick up their stuff, it helps a lot."

Community leaders see Clark as a local hero of sorts.

"He is not only an asset, he fills a void," said Jonathan Wright, the Reedsport city manager. "As the city's budgets get smaller and smaller, a lot of the services and functions we used to preform we're not able to do, at least not as readily. It's volunteers such as Clark that really make this community special."

Clark said you can help keep the city clean by covering your trash as you take it to the disposal site.