Ready for a wet weekend? 'Highly unusual storms for September'

UPDATE 9/30: Record rainfall in Oregon | PHOTOS | BY THE NUMBERS | SOGGY FOOTBALL GAME

EUGENE, Ore. - It's BYOS - bring your own shovel - at sites around Corvallis.

While the Willamette River is not expected to flood, the City of Corvallis is making sand and sandbags available at locations around the city.

Authorities in Coos County on the southern Oregon Coast urged property owners to move livestock out of flood-prone pastures.

And Duck and Beaver fans are getting their rain gear ready. It may never rain at Autzen - and it might not, with a possible break between storms Saturday night as the Ducks host Cal - but forecasts call for a wet one at Reser Stadium as Colorado visits the Beavers at noon.

Best bet: Be prepared for rain. And lots of it.

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National Weather Service forecasters erased earlier forecasts of 1 to 2 inches of rain in parts of the Willamette Valley by Monday night, instead predicting at least 3 inches of rain - and over 8 inches in parts of the Coastal and Cascade mountains.

"These are highly unusual storms for September and have the potential for producing record rains," forecasters wrote in a special weather statement.

The first and weakest of 3 storms will march south across Oregon on Friday, leaving 3/4 to 2 inches of rain by Saturday morning.

"The next storm on Saturday will be considerably stronger and wetter and will contain tropical moisture from a former western Pacific typhoon," forecasters said. "Rain will increase dramatically during the day Saturday and continue heavy at times through a good part of Saturday night."

And a third storm expected to arrive Sunday night might be the worst of the bunch, forecasters said.

All that rain and wind could spell trouble.

"The combination of heavy rain, saturated soils, strong winds and trees with a full complement of leaves will likely lead to tree damage and power disruptions, especially at the coast and in the coast range but also possibly in the inland valleys both Saturday and Sunday," forecasters said. "People should also avoid beach areas where they can be washed away by the higher waves and can be severely injured or killed by debris tossed onshore."

In short: Stay close to home.

And hang on to those shovels.

Even if you aren't filling sandbags in Corvallis, you can help by keeping a shovel handy, the City's Public Works Department said.

"If local flooding does occur, you are encouraged to assist by clearing blocked storm drains of leaves and debris, when possible," the City of Corvallis said in a press release. "However, you should NOT remove any storm drain covers or grates. If a storm drain on the street within the Corvallis city limits is completely plugged, please contact Corvallis Public Works at 541-766-6916. City staff request that you do not to put leaves in the streets while the rain persists."

Coos County is gearing up for "a significant storm" with lots of rain accompanied by high winds.

"Maybe not significant for our normal winter occurrences," Michael Murphy with Coos County Emergency Management said, "but significant for this early, and it is the first major one of the season."

Coos County 911 advised people to use caution, especially in areas hit by forest fires over the summer.

"Since this is the first heavy rain of the season, there is the possibility of small debris slides, especially near areas that have recently been cleared or burned over the dry season," Coos County 911 warned in a press release. "Plugged culverts and drains could result in standing water on roads.

"Standing water in low-lying areas and pasture areas may also be likely, so evaluate any potential threat to livestock."

Corvallis Sandbag Sites

509J School District Offices-1555 SW 35th Street
Cheldelin Middle School-987 NE Conifer Boulevard
Corvallis High School-1400 NW Buchanan Avenue (in parking lot off 11th Street)
Lincoln Elementary School-110 SE Alexander Avenue
Wilson Middle School-2701 NW Satinwood