Rainy forecast will cause very slick roadways


EUGENE, Ore. - With a heavy rain storm in the forecast, Oregon Department of Transportation is warning drivers that the roads are about to get very slick.

Spokesperson Angela Beers-Seydel says that the upcoming rain will bring oil up from the roadways, which will mix with the dirt, ash and pollen on the road.

This could create a slippery, white foam, causing cars to slide on the surface.

"The first time it rains, you'd never know any of these people are native Oregonians," said Beers-Seydel. "Everybody just goes crazy and says 'What is that stuff, how come my roads are slick?' Well, the roads are slick because it's finally raining again."

She says it take a few good rains to actually clean the roads.

In the coming week, be sure to drive slow and leave extra space between cars when it starts raining.