Radio controlled planes take to the skies

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. - Some of the largest radio controlled airplanes took to the skies at the Big Bird Fly event in Junction City on Saturday.

Eugene Aeronauts hosts the event every year at Henson Field.

RC plane enthusiasts from all over the area come out to fly their airplanes for the public.

All of the airplanes have an 80 inch wing span or larger.

The event gives spectators a chance to pilot the fancy air crafts.

"A lot of people have the dream of flying, but they don't have the funds to fly a good sized aircraft or the time," said Brad Werneth, President of Eugene Aeronauts. "This a way to fly and fulfill that dream for a lot less money and a lot less time commitment."

"It's a blast," said Steve Coleman, an RC plane pilot from Medford. "I enjoy everything from an adrenaline rush when you get down low to the adrenaline and the fascination of being in front of a crowd."

More than 100 people came out for the event.

Eugene Aeronaut's next air show will be Saturday, August 18th at Henson Field in Junction City.