Quilt celebrates Benton County Fair centennial

CORVALLIS, Ore. - It's probably the most intense quilt Donna Johnson has ever made.

"It had so many challenges," she said, "but I was determined."

The Benton County native says fair organizers wanted to celebrate the fair's 100th birthday.

Johnson says quilts were a hot commodity in the early days and they are considered timeless.

Last year, organizers provided bricks of fabric to participants. 150 blocks went out, 75 came back before the February deadline.

"There's something for everybody," Johnson says. "There's something for non-quilters and quilters."

She says centennials and anniversaries tend to bring people together.

"This isn't about perfection. This is about the community that came together and I'm going to show their blocks in the best light that I can."

Johnson says yards of fabric and 75 blocks were sewn into a centennial quilt in eight days.

"Everybody's going to be shining!" she said. "It's not about the quilting. You stand back, and here's a person, here's a person, here's a person."

Johnson started in the center of the quilt and worked outwards.

She added a back to the quilt and polished it off with a 100-year Benton County Fair badge.

The quilt was unveiled Wednesday afternoon and will be on display through Sunday.