Public Works has a motto - Look Up And Live

EUGENE, Ore. -- Warmer temperatures are starting to thaw out Eugene, and city crews want to warn people the threat falling ice and tree limbs is still a major concern.

By around noon Sunday, Eugene Public Works received nearly 250 calls reporting downed trees and branches.

They say the threat of more falling debris is not over, even though the freezing rain stopped late Saturday night.

Public Works has a motto, look up and live.

Jackie Hallett, the Parks and Open Spaces Supervisor, said upwards of a half-inch of ice fell across the county by Saturday night.

"(The) ice adds a tremendous amount of pressure on the limbs, and as it starts to melt, that's when we see a lot for the limbs and debris falling," said Hallett.

With the warmer temperatures, we can expect more branches and ice to fall Sunday into Monday.

"Use your best judgment. I do understand you need to get out and get some fresh air um but be safe out there, watch what's above you, listen to what's around you."

"Tree limbs were just raining down all around us," said Whiteaker resident Tod Schneider. "It usually started with some crackling and everybody would cringe. "

A 100-year old oak tree snapped in half, landing on Schneider's car. He said he's just glad no one was hurt.

Winter storm Orion dumped a record setting 10-inches of snow in Eugene through Friday. Temperatures warmed, and the snow turned into freezing rain.

"Now we're focusing on the tree removal and branches. We have a lot of down debris that were trying to basically get roads open," said Hallett.

Public Works officials said the responsible for any downed trees on their own property or sidewalks. City crews take care of all the debris on public property like roadways and parks.

To report a downed tree or limb obstructing a street, call their office at 541-682-4800. Call your local power utility if the debris knocked down a power line.