Public comment sought on police anti-bias policy

EUGENE, Ore. - The city's Police Commission is taking public comment on a police anti-bias policy.

The draft policy is intended to prevent Eugene police officers from stopping anyone simply based on their race, sexual orientation or economic status.

The police department already has a policy for proper stops, but the police commission has proposed a broader rule protecting a wider range of people.

The new system involves reporting the types, reasons, and percentages, of who gets pulled over. Soon, the department will begin collecting demographic information once a new software and dispatching system is launched.

Eric Richardson, a representative for the Eugene, Springfield NAACP says, "It's the type of information that I think will just shed light on the work the officers are doing. And we really want to support the officers in doing professional, good work in the community."

Richardson says this type of policy is a long time coming and something he believes will facilitate more positive interactions between citizens and officers.

Community members are asked to comment on the draft policy.

Comments can be mailed to the Eugene Police Commission at 300 Country Club Road, Eugene, OR 97401, or submitted by email at