Protesters rally to save postal facility

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Protesters lined the sidewalk in front of the Gateway postal plant Saturday to rally against Postal Service cuts that would close the Springfield mail sorting facility.

The group of about three dozen protesters were calling for support in getting legislation that could save the processing side of the mail facility.

Among the protesters was Gary Jarvis, who has worked at the facility for 33 years. Jarvis said that the future is uncertain for each of the nearly 80 employees at the Plant.

"Families are going to have to make some serious decisions once this place closes," Jarvis said. "We still don't know how many jobs will be affected by this."

The plant has already scaled back their operations and are closed on Saturdays.

The US Postal Service said that it plans to close the plant on April 14th, 2014; the day before tax day. The Post Office portion of the location would remain open.

Protesters said that the only thing that can stop the Gateway postal plant's closure is passing legislative measures.