Protesters hold tax-day rally at Eugene's downtown post office

EUGENE, Ore. -- For some activists in Eugene, April 15 is a day they look forward to.

A group of self-proclaimed raging grannies head downtown on tax day hoping to inform the community on government spending.

"Renewable sources are urgent. We grannies know best we're not fools!" the group chanted, forming a semi-circle outside the downtown post office. The grannies, along with other local organizations, said their protest is over how tax dollars are spent.

"I am here because I believe our tax dollars could be spent in a way that would bring us greater security," said Susan Cundiff of Women's Action for New Directions.

Tax day rallies have been going on in Eugene for decades. This year they're calling it "fight climate change, not war."

"Climate change is really a significant threat to our security and something that we need to figure out," said Cundiff.

Regardless of how you feel about taxes, April 15 is the deadline to file your federal return. A steady stream of people came to the Eugene Post Office to drop them off on Tuesday.

"It is all of our responsibility," said Tiffany Telfer, "I think taxes are a good thing. I'm supportive of them."

Cundiff said she looks forward to the rally because it gives her a chance to voice concerns and share solutions with a broad spectrum of the Eugene community.

If you are not able to file your taxes by today, you may be able to get an extension.