Proposal: 'I swear the ring cost more than my Ducks tix'

GLIDE, Ore. -- Things didn't turn out so great for the Ducks at the Stanford game last Thursday, but one Glide man is one lucky duck after returning from the game in California.

Ducks fan Dan Kane traveled over 600 miles to the Stanford game, only to cry throughout half of it.

But it's his journey back to the Eugene station that made the trip well worth it.

Armed with a sign proposing to his girlfriend, Dan set off to somehow propose to her back home. "You couldn't bring signs or anything in, and you know, I really had no game plan, I just had determination," he said. "I went there and stood in front of the stadium with my sign."

While Kane was in California watching the Ducks play the Cardinals, his girlfriend, Shaylie Gibbons, caught the same game at her home in Glide. "He made it very clear that he wanted me to watch the game," she said. "He was very adamant all week that I watch it, and I watched it."

Seeing the Ducks lose to Stanford wasn't the only disappointment on Thursday evening. "The game came on and I didn't see anything, and I was just kind of bummed out."

But Kane's surprise wasn't at the game. It was just outside. "My friend had the breaking news of San Francisco playing on her phone, and it was him proposing to me," said Gibbons.

As her boyfriend made the 12-hour train ride back to Eugene, Gibbons had a message of her own to give. Kane arrived to find Gibbons with a sign of her own.

She said yes. "He's a really wonderful man, and he's done a lot of great stuff for me already in just the year that he's been here for me and my girls," Gibbons said. "I'm just very happy that he's in my life."

Gibbons will now be sporting a nice ring as well.

Kane's sign made sure to let her know: 'I swear the ring cost more than my Ducks tix.'