Price hike approved: Parking and mooring cost more at parks

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. -- A vote from the Lane County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday made those summer camping, fishing and fun trips to local parks a little more expensive.

The changes take effect on July 1 and encompass all the parks around Lane County.

Fees for daily parking are increasing from $3 to $4 while annual parking passes raise from $30 to $40 for annual parking. Camping rates are also scheduled to increase starting in July.

Some park goers told our news staff that they can deal with the price hike.

"I can live with the increase as long as it doesn't get too crazy, like everything else getting so high," said Dianna Williams, a camper at Pine Meadows at Cottage Grove Lake.

Christina Chapman, another camper at Cottage Grove Lake, said the price increases are like everything else - using the parks comes at a price.

"I don't have a problem with it, personally. If you want to go camping, you got to pay something whether it's food or gas or something. It's not always free," Chapman said.

Depending on the size of your boat, mooring costs at Lane County parks could also rise. Mike County Parks manager Mike Russell said current rates could increase 5 percent.

"As costs continue to rise there's pressure to raise rates. The idea was not to do huge increases but to keep them incremental over time," Russell said.

Russell said their rates are still competitive compared to State Parks Dept. prices at $5 daily rates. The county hopes to bring in about $70,000 in revenue from the increases.