Pregnant Pit bull rescued: 'They take them to the shelter and dump them'

EUGENE, Ore. -- A Eugene dog rescue stepped in to save a pregnant pit bull and her nine puppies after they were dumped at a kill shelter in California.

"People don't want to have to have to take care of the dog once they give birth," said Luv-a-Bull Pit Bull Rescue founder Liesl Wilhardt on Sunday. "So, we we're asked to take a lot of pregnant dogs and especially pit bulls."

One of those pit bulls was Amma, a grey pit bull who gave birth to nine puppies six weeks ago. Wilhardt said before Amma gave birth she was dumped at a killer shelter somewhere in Los Angeles, California.

"These are the consequences of not spaying and neutering," said Wilhardt as she picked up two of the puppies after they finished nursing on Amma.

According to US Shelter data compiled in 2009, 58 percent of euthanized dogs are pit bulls.

Wilhardt says overpopulation of pit bulls in California shelters has become an epidemic.

Fighting back are numerous organizations that pay for transport and housing for the thousands of abandoned dogs.

Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team transported Amma and her puppies to Oregon.

Wilhardt said she has worked with another group, Wings of Rescue, that flies rescue dogs into the state by private plane.

Once the dogs get to Oregon, Wilhardt said non profits like Luv-a-Bull take over the care of the animals.

"We take in as many pregnant dogs or nursing mothers as we can here at Luv-a-bull," said Wilhardt, "and we try to give them a second chance at life."

Amma and her six-week-old puppies are ready for adoption.

She added that the rescue shelter will have a total of 25 puppies available for adoption in a month. The adoption fee is $325, which includes all the necessary shots and a refundable spay and neuter deposit.