Police use pepper spray during Portland protest

PORTLAND, Ore. - Police and protesters clashed Saturday afternoon during a march in Northeast Portland.

Police said officers arrested one protester and used pepper spray on several others when they confronted officers with wooden shields.

A group called Portland Action Lab organized the march called "Solidarity Against Austerity." It included some members of Occupy Portland, and several other groups.

The march started at 2 p.m. at Holladay Park in Northeast Portland.

Police used pepper spray on marchers near the Lloyd Center at Northeast 15th and Halsey.

"People had goggles, they didn't have wooden sticks or anything like that," said 15-year-old protester Quetzal Brock. "There were wooden banners right in front just to protect from the police."

Brock said he was pepper sprayed by police.

"I didn't think it would happen to me, especially at this age," said Brock.

Police said they attempted to contact event organizers to find out if the event would be peaceful, but no one with Portland Action Lab responded.

The marchers moved south from there on Northeast 15th Avenue.

KATU's Lincoln Graves contributed to this story.

Video by Alex Milan Tracy (WARNING: Profanity)