Police: Tiny revolver serves as reminder to treat every gun as if it's loaded

Police say a man found this revolver in the Target Parking lot near Gateway Street. Because of it's small size, he initially mistook it for a toy. Photo courtesy Springfield Police Department

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – Tuesday, a man found what appeared to be a shiny, toy handgun in the parking lot of Target at the Shoppes at Gateway in Springfield. However, it wasn’t a toy. It was a fully-loaded and functional revolver.

Police say the man found a Derringer style .22 caliber revolver. They say it’s so small, it could be concealed inside the palm of your hand.

According to the Springfield Police Department, they received a report of a similar handgun that was lost in the area of Kohl’s earlier in the week.

Police are now trying to verify if the recovered gun and the lost gun are the same.

The man who reported the lost gun is a concealed weapon permit holder. He said he had been carrying the gun inside his pocket when he lost it. Kohl’s security was notified when it went missing, but gun was not found in the Target parking lot until four days later.

Springfield police say this incident is a reminder to tell children not to pick up any gun seen laying around. If a child finds a firearm, he or she should tell an adult or police. Every gun should be treated as if it is loaded.

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