Police send letter to owner of 'known drug house'

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Police sent a letter to the owner of a home officers call a "known drug house" alerting him the city may seize his home.

Springfield Police drafted and sent a letter to Trevor Uehlin on Friday about his home on 18th Street in Springfield.

Days after police raided the home, neighbors across the street catapulted the issue into the news by posting handmade signs in their yard.

Police have taken action under city ordinances designed to help clean up nuisance properties.

Uehlin now has 10 days to respond to police.

"If it doesn't come down to a resolution, then I believe the chief can start the process to shut down the house," said Tana Steers, community services officer.

The home has been the subject of 24 calls for police service in the past 12 months, Steers said.

"Almost all drug offenses, alcohol offenses, even some dog at large," she said.

Meanwhile, the neighbors plan to ask the City Council to do more to protect neighborhoods from drug houses.