Police search for missing Oregon woman in Hawaii

HONOLULU Honolulu police are searching for a tourist from Oregon who has been missing on Oahu since Thursday.

Police said Saturday that Ivanice "Ivy" Harris was last seen early Thursday morning talking to a man outside a bar in Waikiki and has not been seen since.

Harris traveled to Hawaii from Portland with friends to celebrate turning 29, which was Saturday.

Her mother tells Hawaii News Now Harris would call every day and she hasn't heard from her.

Harris' boyfriend, Mark Miles, told KATU that it's unusual for her to be out of touch for so long.

"She's got a big family that loves her and they all got her back," Miles said in a phone interview from Honolulu. "So there wouldn't be a reason for her not to call anybody."

Harris' sister set up a Facebook page called "Bring Ivanice Home." She told KATU she plans to set up a fundraiser to hire a private detective.