Police: Report of man being shot at leads to arrest

MYRTLE CREEK, Ore. -- A 57-year-old man was arrested Thursday afternoon, after another man reported he was being shot at.

Just before 5:00 pm, officers from the Myrtle Creek Police Department and deputies from the Sheriff's office responded to the city property along the river on Dole Road.

When police arrived at the entrance to the property they contacted a man who said someone had been shooting and almost struck him and the person he was with. He told police that several rounds hit rocks around the two, and one, "zipped by his midsection."

While officers were talking to the victim, deputies stopped a white Toyota pickup as it was pulling out of the property.

Authorities say the driver, Joseph Kenneth Hals, 57, of Sutherlin, had a 9mm handgun on his passenger seat. Police say they seized the gun as evidence and Hals claimed he was shooting at a can.

Police arrested Hals and charged him with DUII and two counts of reckless endangering. Police say Hals had a blood alcohol content of .15%.