Police post fake ads, nab 6 men in 6 hours on prostitution charges

EUGENE, Ore. - Police arrested 6 men in 6 hours on prostitution charges Thursday after officers posted fictitious ads posing as women online.

The first online ad claimed to be an underage girl looking for companionship.

"An ad was placed with a female claiming to be underage," said Sgt. Kyle Williams. "So the people responding to the ad were very clear - clearly understood - that this was an underage female, not an adult that they were trying to arrange to meet."

The second ad claimed to be a 27-year-old female.

The sting was a followup to Operation Cross Country, a multi-day undercover operations targeting child sex trafficking operations in the Portland and Eugene areas.

Responding to the fictitious underage girl's ad, the first male to arrive at the home borrowed for the sting was arrested without incident, police said.

The second male arrived later in the evening and appeared apprehensive of the situation, police said. He fled the area, but officers found and stopped him a short distance away.

Police arrested both men on charges of Online Sexual Corruption of a Minor and Prostitution.

Four men responded to a second ad posing as a 27-year-old woman. Officers arrested all 4 on prostitution charges when they showed up at the house.

Police arrested 6 people between 6 p.m. and midnight Thursday. Five went to jail; one was cited and released:

Cameron J. Lewis, 38, charged with Online Sexual Corruption of a Minor I and Prostitution

Osbaldo Mendez Gonzales, 46, charged with Online Sexual Corruption of a Minor I and Prostitution

Vern Allen Wilson, 62, charged with prostitution

Tianren Wei, 22, charged with prostitution

Erik Rashaad Rodne Williams, 25, charged with prostitution

Hernandez Juan Contreras, 30, charged with prostitution