Police: Pizza shop employee chases robbery suspect

EUGENE, Ore. - Police caught a suspected robber after a Little Caesar's Pizza employee chased him out of their restaurant

At around 7:40 pm, Eugene Police said 9-1-1 dispatch got a call from the Little Caesar's on Seneca Road about a robbery.

The suspect, later identified as a 23-year-old transient named Cameron Lars Mikkelsen, showed employees a note that demanded cash and claimed he had a weapon, police said. Employees gave Mikkelsen money from the register and he left the store on foot.

Little Caesar's employee Nick Herling said he chased Mikkelsen after he left the store, hoping to give police a detailed description of the man who robbed him.

"I chased after him... down the walkway and through the parkinglot," said Herling. "After he ran away from me I called 911 and kept a close distance. I just ... waited until the cops showed up."

Officials said Mikkelsen tried to get away by boarding an LTD bus. Officers stopped the bus and arrested Mikkelsen, who they identified using the employee's description.

Mikkelsen was arrested for Robbery II and is being held in the Lane County Jail. While police said they didn't find a weapon, all the cash was reportedly recovered.

Eugene police said they made the arrest within 5 minutes of the initial call.

From Eugene Police:

The Eugene Police Department recognizes the employee's assistance in capturing the suspect in this crime; however the EPD does not encourage citizens pursue potentially violent subjects as they can be unpredictable and dangerous.