Police: No crime committed when nurse refused to perform CPR

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Police said Wednesday that they've found no criminal wrongdoing for a nurse who refused to perform CPR on a dying woman at a Bakersfield retirement facility.

Lorraine Bayless collapsed in a Glenwood Gardens dining room on Feb. 26.

Employees of the independent-living center called 911, but a facility nurse refused to perform CPR as directed by the 911 operator. The nurse refused on the basis of a Glenwood Gardens policy against providing CPR for its residents.

Audio of the 911 call caught attention around the world and sparked a debate about the no-CPR policy and corporate ethics.

Bayless, 87, died the same day at a Bakersfield hospital. She suffered a stroke, officials said.

The family of Bayless said Tuesday that they were pleased with the care provided by Glenwood Gardens and that they have no plans to seek legal compensation.

Wednesday, police said their two-day investigation found "no criminal statutes had been violated." The criminal investigation was then closed, police said.