Police: Nearly two dozen arrested for disorderly party

EUGENE, Ore. -- Officers arrested 23 people at the Campbell Club co-op after they were called out to a noise complaint, Eugene Police said.

Officials said four officers went out to 16th and Alder at around 11:30 p.m. to follow up on a noise complaint. Officers arrived and said that there were around 200 people at the Campbell Club located at 1670 Alder Street.

The four officers tried talking to the residents on the front porch and a crowd of people surrounded them, Officials said.

Eugene Police Sergeant Larry Crompton said that the residents went inside the house shortly after and refused to comply with police officers.

While on the porch, one of the officers reported being grabbed from behind by someone in the crowd. Officials said the officers then called for backup.

"It's a terrible feeling when you have a mob, when your surrounded and people are pulling on you. I've been there before on party patrols I tell ya, it can be frightening," said Sgt. Crompton.

Nearly ten more officers came out to the house at 16th and Alder to help with the disorderly people at the party, officers said.

Lee Anders, a student living at the house, told KVAL News they had a different take on the night's events.

"We were concerned that if people went outside they would be cited by the police," Andres said. "We were worried that if we opened up the door for people to go outside the police would come in and search our house before the warrant was present."

Officials got a search warrant, at which point the people inside opened the door voluntarily.

Alisha Kinlaw said that the Campbell Club was throwing a benefit for an on-campus organization by hosting a band.

"We are founded in cooperation, consent and being a safe space. I think those things were really disrupted last night by a lot of the aggression," said Kinlaw.

Police arrested 14 of the residents for prohibited noise. They were all booked at the Lane County Jail; six were charged with interfering with police and one also had a resisting arrest charge.

Officials said that 9 other residents arrested at the party received citations in lieu of custody for prohibited noise. Officers also cited 8 minors for minor in possession of alcohol.