Police: Man shoots himself in the leg at Internet cafe

EUGENE, Ore. -- A Eugene man accidentally shot himself in the leg with a holstered gun Thursday afternoon while he was in the bathroom of a downtown Internet cafe, police said.

Officials with Eugene Police said that the 26-year-old was using the restroom at Indra's Internet Lounge at 271 W 8th Ave when handgun holstered to his leg went off, hitting him in the thigh.

The owner of Indra's Internet Lounge, James Sherburne, told KVAL News that he immediately called police. He said that soon after the shot was fired the man crawled out of the bathroom.

Indra's employees helped get a tourniquet on his leg to stop the bleeding until emergency crews arrived, said Sherburne.

Police officials said that they didn't issue charges in the incident. They added that the man's name will not be released.

Sherburne told KVAL that the man, a regular at the cafe, was familiar with guns and that the shooting was truly accidental.