Police: Man exposed himself to students, teacher

EUGENE, Ore. - A 33-year-old man slipped into Willamette High School around 8 a.m. Tuesday as the morning bell rang, blending into the student flow.

When a teacher had class sit down, the teacher realized the man didn't belong in the room.

The teacher called the man to the front of the room to get him out.

That's when he exposed himself to the teacher and two students, according to police.

A school district spokesperson said a teacher and 3 students were involved.

The teacher called for security and was able to get the man out of the room.

School officials escorted the suspect to the office, where police came and arrested him.

Police identified the man as Christopher Lynn Vanorden.

Police booked him into the Lane County Jail on charges of public indecency, second degreee criminal trespass. endangering the welfare of a minor and harassment.

Open campus

Willamette High School is an open campus, so at that time of day all doors are unlocked and it's not unusual for a lot of people to be going in and out, Bethel School District spokesperson Pat McGillivray said.

Administrators monitor the hallways, and there are two security guards on campus doing the same, he said.

All adults - faculty and visitors alike - need to wear ID badges.

McGilliviray said the man looked as though he could be an older student.

He said school administrators are reminding staff to question people who look as if they are older who are on campus without ID badge.

Students in the classroom were approached by a school councilor, McGilliviray said.

The parents of those students were notified.

The rest of the staff shared what happened with students.

This is a developing story. This story will be updated